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I have a question for you…do you think your life can be better?

If you are thinking yes, then you want to work with me.

People from all walks of life, ranging from actors to moms, executives and professional athletes to students, experience real and tangible results with me.

After working together, my clients say their world opened up and their desired result came to them with ease and joy.

My process has been developed over 30 years and thousands of hours of education in brain science, energy technology, metaphysics, human behavior and energetic and spiritual practices.

My work is very practical. Some call me the practical intuitive.

It is a simple process. I guide you through a transformative approach that combines my unique intuitive abilities with simple and actionable daily practices.

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Are you wondering why you have found me?

I believe in perfect timing. It’s real. I have seen it…over and over…in my own life, and in those around me and those who work with me.

It is likely you have found me because you have one thing that you keep bumping up against. Clients tell me, “I’ve tried everything.”

I have helped thousands of people who have tried “everything” finally find a solution. I have witnessed my clients realign challenges in their lives and reclaim their essential selves to lead lives filled with love, gratitude, beauty and joy.

And how about this . . .

Are you leading a successful life, but there is still one area where you just feel stuck?

You may have a certain amount of success. You have a life that looks amazing from the outside, but there is one area (health, money, or relationship) that just isn’t working.

Or, you may seem to be succeeding in all areas of your life, but there are one or two things that just aren’t working. (You have a great income but can’t seem to hold onto a penny. You have a great relationship, but there are a few things about which you and your other always fight.)

Your one “thing” is the starting point for our work. But it’s not the only thing. Your one thing is usually not the problem. It’s usually the symptom.

Often the symptoms are the ways we are avoiding the cause. We eat too much, drink too much, don’t handle money well, struggle in relationships or stop expressing our genius. The symptom is simply calling for our attention.

The cause is usually related to having lost touch with who we really are.

Here is what I know . . .

Everything changes when we come back to the truth of who we are.

Getting back to this truth creates rapid and powerful results in all areas of our lives.

Allow me to help you return to who you really are and live there on a daily basis.

Some of the common results people experience are financial prosperity, fulfilling intimate relationships, freedom from addiction and joyful health.

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I have another question for you… do you sense something missing…magic, wonder, serendipity?

Do you want to know what I believe about our lives? It is all energy.

Let me show you how to harness your energy and use it to create an amazing life. Learn how to play with your energy. Learn when to lean into it, when to expand it and when to surrender . . . learn how to accept it. Learn to be present to what is.

Come play with me… meet your desires… embrace your energy…

Private sessions are the most rapid and transformative level of work available.

And as I only accept clients knowing that we’ll get results, please tell me about yourself.

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