by Amber Valentyne

Welcome to LOVE LOVE, by Amber Valentyne

Amber is known for sending notes to her clients at just the right time.
And she always signs them, LOVE LOVE.

What is LOVE LOVE?

Love is the one thing that heals everything. And healing is simply the application of love to the places that hurt.

Love Love is love amplified and multiplied. It is the magic ingredient to every private session and every Amber Valentyne product and program.


Potions + Programs

Love Love Potions and Programs are the result of over 30 years and thousands of hours of both working with clients and of education in brain science, energy technology, metaphysics, human behavior and energetic and spiritual practices.

The Potions

Love Love Potions are hand crafted elixirs of essential oils extracted from nature and blended with loving intentions by Amber. The oils create uplifting chemical reactions in the body, and the aromas powerfully anchor all your intentions through your sense of smell. Combined with daily rituals, transformation is alchemized into your life.

The Programs

The Potions are combined with 3 minute daily prescriptions of small but potent behavioral practice. This powerful alchemical combination is offered in different series designed to help you transform your relationships with yourself, people and money with ease and even fun.

Launching March 14: The Self Love Series
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Self Love Series #1

The first of the series to launch is the Self Love Series – because everything you desire starts with you.

When you take care of yourself everybody in the universe benefits, including you.

We live in a culture that gives us a gold star for being exhausted, spent, and putting ourselves last. But in the end, we end up being resentful and possibly unhealthy. For most of us, our days are jam-packed with emails and phone calls to return, job commitments, errands, picking up the kids, and our calendar alerts chime constantly. No matter how hard we try, it seems like we can never be multi-tasky enough to catch up. And multi-tasking is a bad myth. No one does it well. Our brains are not wired this way.

What if 3 minutes a day could move yourself up the self love scale?

It can.

The truth is our energy can fill us with joy and magic or it can deplete us. Over time, this series allows the positive becomes your default and dissolves the negative, judge-y inner voice. And when you put yourself first, everyone in your life benefits.

Your Self Love Series starts March 14.

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