A Gift for You


RELAX, BY AMBER VALENTYNE — A 30 MINUTE GUIDED RELAXATION MP3 — will breeze into your email when you subscribe to receive email meditations and delights from Amber.

Let’s start here . . .

Please sit down, take 3 deep breaths. And begin to imagine…

Feel yourself gliding through open French doors into an airy, sunlit room. Silky white curtains flutter in the windows. The air is filled with the crisp scent of the ocean below and bouquets of your favorite fresh flowers by your side. You sigh as you hear the waves crashing and see the light bouncing off the water.

Notice how you feel. Can you feel your breath deepening as you smile into the sunshine? Can you feel your body relax as you feel yourself lighten and soar?

This is only the beginning.


Life is a practice – every moment, every breath and every choice creates our next reality.

Even if we do not like how our current reality and situation appears in the moment, we have the power to change it in the direction we want our experience to flow.

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